price for painging workshop

Price 900baht 〜 +VAT7% / person

Prices vary depending on the ceramic you choose

Below is all included in the price
Lesson fee、Tool rentals、Free-drink、Kiln Bake fee(*Express Bake Service is not included)


Reference to general questions

Do I have to make a booking ?

Booking is recommended.

Walk-in is possible if seats are available, but if customers overlap at the same time, bookings will be prioritized.

Please use the "Booking / Inquiry Form" below.

Can I get my works right after workshop ?

It is necessary to put it in a kiln and bake it at a temperature of about 800 degrees, so you can not take it home on the day.
Usually, you can receive your ceramic on NEXT Monday if you finish painting by Friday.

If you are in a hurry, you can use "Express Bake".
You can pick up your ceramic at our shop in the next day's evening, or we deliver it to your hotel.
*additional charge required +1,000 baht

I'd like to pick up more quickly.

You can use the "Express Bake Service".

If you want to receive your ceramics more quickly due to your travel schedule, you can use the "Express Bake Service". You can pick up your ceramics at our shop in the next day's evening, or we deliver it to your hotel.
*additional charge required +1,000 baht

To get your plates the next day, please finish painting them by 16:00 pm. Morning reservations recommended.

How long is the workshop time ?

About 2h 〜 2.5h
It's OK if you work slowly until closing time, 6pm.

Business hours, Last reception time, Holidays ?

□Open : Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm (open on national holidays)

Last reception is by 3pm
If you order Express Bake Service, last reception is by 2pm

□Saturday and other holidays, please check our FACEEBOOK

□Sunday : Holiday

How old can Kids join in the workshop ?

Kids over the age of 6 can join the workshop.
Kids up to 9 years of age should join workshops under the supervision of parents.

It doesn't get very dirty and it can be easily removed if you wash the paint on your clothes,
but if you are worried, please bring your apron.


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