Features of Benjarong

Benjarong is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning a pottery of five colors.
It is a high-quality ceramic that was introduced from China during the Ayutthaya Kingdom at the end of the 16th century and was used only for royalty and nobles at that time.
At that time, 5 colors, red, blue, yellow, green and white were used, but now more than 30 colors are used.
Many of its characteristic patterns use auspicious motifs based on Buddhist teachings, such as health, prosperity, peace, fortune, and longevity.
The delicate pattern on the ceramic is drawn with using real 24K or 18K, then it is colored and baked.  If you touch the surface of the ceramic, you'll find it a little swelling.
All ceramics are not printed but are still hand-painted by craftsmen.
Come and experience the Thai traditional craft by painting Benjarong.