Choose your favorite ceramic

Choose your favorite ceramics from mugs, dishes, ladders, decorating dishes, objects, cups and saucers, etc.
The picture is drawn on the ceramic in advance by professional craftsmen, so it's easy for people who do not have a picture skill to paint.
You can also choose from many patterns, and paint your favorite color there.
The "brown line" of the pattern is 14 gold liquid that dried, and when this brown line is baked, it becomes that gorgeous gold-colored part.


Benjarong's charm is the beauty of vivid colors

It is one of the pleasures to choose what color you want to finish from among the color variations of more than 30 colors.  The staff will carefully teach you how to paint and how to use the brush.


Now painting time

Let's coloring
Then you actually put colors in the ceramic. Please don't worry if you fail, because you can fix your painting several times. If you think you failed, ask the staff for help.
Time passes really fast when painting.
One of charms of Benjarong painting is that you can forget everything and concentrate on your work.


Only one Benjarong in the world will be completed soon

Now, baking time.
After painting, your ceramic will be baked in the kiln of our shop at a temperature of about 800 degrees.
Let's wait for finishing your ceramic is baked.  You will have the only one original Benjarong in the world !
For your memories, dates and names can be put in Thai or English.


about the delivery of your product

About one week is required for delivery of your painted-ceramic to kiln-bake.
Usually, you can receive your ceramic on NEXT Monday if you finish painting by Friday.
*please check the delivery schedule info at the shop
If you want to receive your ceramic more quickly, please use Express Bake Service. *ref below

Express Bake Service for Next day's evening

If you want to receive your items more quickly due to your travel schedule, you can use the "Express Bake Service". You can pick up your ceramic at our shop in the next day's evening, or we deliver it to your hotel. *additional charge required +1,000 baht

Delivery Date Fee
Normal next Monday non
Express Bake Service Next day's evening
shop or hotel
+1,000 B
Up to 5 person

Delivery to your country by EMS

If you can't wait for the next day until baking, or if you have purchased a lot of products at our shop and would like to separately deliver directly to your country, we will accept EMS delivery.

* The EMS delivery fee will be weighed at the store on the day and will be charged separately. A rough guide is 1,300B for 1kg delivery to major cities in Japan. (Including box fee and packing materials)

The amount varies depending on the weight and size, so please ask our staff.